What Are Dialects of English?

Using the terminology of socio-lingustics as introduced in Chapter 7 of Fromkin and Rodman explain why this skit is funny. What kinds of linguistic variation does the skit capitalize on? Not only does this teacher utilize elements of a nonstandard dialect of English, but he also ends the skit using two terms that might not be associated with a nonstandard dialect. What are they, and what is the comedian’s point?

Key and Peele: Substitute Teacher

Describe Bon Qui Qui’s use of language, in particular her phonology, lexicon, and syntax. How do these features vary in her interaction with customers and the manager? What does this tell us about her discourse community and her relationships with the customers and manager?

Bon Qui Qui at the King Burger

First, watch this video clip with no sound. How do you imagine the speakers of this video to sound? Now start it over and listen. Did they sound like you imagined them to sound? If not, try to explain why they did not sound like you imagined.

Identify some phonological, lexical, and syntactic features that are unique to this dialect.

Snatch: Getaway Driver

This clip is a funny illustration of what happens when one attempts to be part of a discourse, but uses language incorrectly.

Aside from her phonological error, what is another phonological feature that is unique to her speech? What speech community is this feature representative of?

Lauren on Beyonce – The Catherine Tate Show – BBC comedy